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From Turkey With Love: Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee in Canada

From Turkey With Love: Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee in Canada

Simply excellence, that is how the Chideno team describes Mehmet Efendi Turkish coffee & coffee products. In this article we delve into the brand origin which is an exceptional story in itself but also products you may not have seen in Canada yet. Images of products are linked to the product page

The Origins of Excellence 

Turkish coffee wasn't developed by Mehmet Efendi by any means and coffee beans were sold as green beans with coffee drinkers traditionally roasting and grinding at home. Mehmet Efendi had the brilliance to realize the value of making customers lives easier and provide uniform, quality coffee roast to the general Turkish population. 

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

In 1871 roasting was done by him and through grinding with a simple pestle and mortar delivering ready to make ground coffee to customers.

The shop enjoyed tremendous growth, but something more was necessary to break out into a brand. After Efendi's death, the three names of Hasan Selahattin, Ahmet Riza and Hulusi are of prominence, the coffee roaster's son. With enterprise and hard work, the three brothers took the famous Kurukahveci term to a new meaning.

Mehmet Efendi Turkey Coffee Cacao

Realizing importance of mass production, international markets and quality control each son took on a new responsibility and together they developed one of the most famous coffee brans in the world today.

Much of the success Efendi's grandchildren have today was realized by the brothers through international marketing initiatives, new manufacturing methods and quality maintenance. 

Characteristics of the Brand

We've done our research and have come to a conclusion that Mehmet Efendi's success as a global manufacturer of Turkish Coffee and its resilience is nothing but its adherance to innovation in distribution, manufacturing but more importantly quality consistency.

Every cup of Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee has tasted the same since 1871. The packaging, branding and message has been unchanged for over a century translating to consistent growth to quality as opposed to the smoke and mirrors used by newest entrants into the market. 

Today, Mehmet Efendi manufactures a range of products including its Turkish Coffee as is or decaffeinated, filter coffee, espresso coffee and more! 

Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee

The roast, grinding and preparation of Turkish Coffees like Mehmet Efendi was invented by the Turkish people.

It has a truly novel taste, presentation and taste. Made from high quality arabica beans from South America, Mehmet Efendi carefully roasts every batch and grinds it finely, packaging in state of the art facilities adhering to global food manufacturing regulations.

To prepare, Turkish coffee is mixed with water and with sugar prepared in a cezve coffee pot. This finely ground coffee is boiled slowly over lower heat and hence the novel taste and froth. 

Mehmet Efendi Filter & Espresso Ground Coffee

Since inception, Mehmet Efendi has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of coffee globally. Today, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi produces a variety of ground coffee including coarse and espresso grind coffee.

Using high quality coffee from South America, Mehmet Efendi's filter and espresso coffee are still grounded traditionally to unlock maximum taste profile you won't see in conventional supermarket bought brands.

Mehmet Efendi French PRess Coffee

Be sure to check out the selection in our product pages. We've tasted hundreds of brands from the world over and the flavor profile and the tradition of quality of the brand is evident in their full range of coffee.

Cocoa Powder

Mehmet Efendi also manufacturers premium cocoa powder. This is a high quality French cocoa variation. Delicious on its own when mixed with hot water or milk but also wonderful for preparing pastries, cakes and desserts.

Mehmet Efendi Cocoa Powder

Thanks to century old supplier relationships and a state of the art manufacturing facility, Mehmet Efendi's Kakao (Cocoa powder) is one of the highest quality in the market at one of the most reasonable prices. 

How to Prepare Turkish Coffee

Coffee Gift Set Mehmet Efendi

With a Traditional Turkish Cezve

A relatively fast prepation method for a highly unique taste. 

1. Use the coffee cup you wish to drink from to measure the amount of water and pour into the Cezve

2. Add a single teaspoon of Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee Powder (about 6 grams) and sugar if you wish to the Cezve

3. Place heat on low and begin to stir

4. As soon as the coffee begins foam remove from heat source and slowly pour a small amount of the foam into your cups

5. Bring to boil again and pour the entire content into your cups

And Voila! You can drink with a small glass of water and some Turkish Delight!

For More Checkout our Turkish coffee catalogue or simply search Turkish coffee in our easy to use search bar




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