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L'OR Coffee Capsules 10 Pack (100 Capsules, Multi-Flavour)

by Chideno
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L'OR Coffee Capsules 10 Pack (100 Capsules, Multi-Flavour)

L'OR capsule coffees offer pure and unique coffee pleasure. You will receive 100 Capsules (Nespresso compatible, Aluminum Encased)

From harvesting to roasting, discover the incredible journey our premium coffee beans take to bring happiness to your palate.

Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Machine."Nespresso" is a third party brand and has no affiliation with L'or. 

L'OR 7: It is a slightly soft coffee with a rich aroma blended with hazelnut and citrus fruits. It is soft-drinking. 

L'OR 8: Fruity flavors, prunes, raisins, dark chocolate flavors. It leaves a distinctive fruity taste in the mouth. It has a slight density. Enriched with dark chocolate flavor. 

L'OR 9: It leaves a spicy taste in the mouth with the aroma of oak and licorice it contains. It has a strong spice flavor. It leaves a smooth taste in the mouth with its woody and sooty aroma. It has woody notes blended with a sweet, delicate touch of caramel. It is an intense coffee. 

L'OR 10: Fruity flavors, strawberry and tobacco leaves.. It is a delightful blend that emerges with the opposite combination of fruity flavors and tobacco flavor. The coffee note is dominant but not too dark, but has a light intensity. 

L'OR 11: A dark roasted range with spicy notes. Suitable for heavy and strong coffee drinkers. It has a light creamy and dominant flavor formed by the blending of ginger and cardamom spices. It leaves an intense taste in the mouth. It is an intense and dark roast coffee.

Ships Fresh from Turkey with DHL (Express Delivery)

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