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Moliendo Drip Bag Coffee Sampler Pack (4 Pack) Single Origin

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von Chideno
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Product Specifications

Coffee Sampler Pack (4 Pack), Drip Bag Coffee , Single Use Coffee, Instant Pour Over Coffee, Single Origin Coffee, Drip Coffee, Premium Cafe, France Press Espresso

Brand: Moliendo
Coffee Type: Pour Over Coffee in Drip Bag, Filled Drip Bag, Single Use, Perfect for travel and on the go without losing quality or using supermarket instant coffee
Origin: Turkey
Coffee Origins: Guatemala Coffee, Brazil Coffee, Kenya Coffee, Colombia Coffee
Package Quantity: Each pack includes 5 x highest quality coffee x 4

How to use: Each pack includes pre-packaged high quality coffee from named origins. Simply open outer pack, rip top of drip bag, place holders on mug or decanter, pour over boiling water in circular fashion, let drip into cup or decanter, dispose spent coffee drip bag and enjoy highly premium pour over coffee in minutes. See last image for schematic.

Coffee Type: Single Origin

Coffee Profiles:



Bean Type: Arabica (Bourbon, Caturra, Pache)

Tasting Notes: Sweet Chocolate

Aroma (Smell): Chocolate

Body: High

Growing Altitude: 1350m and above

Harvest Period: December-March

Processing process: Washed, sun-dried

Acidity: Medium


Bean Type: Arabica (Caturra, Colombia, Castillo)

Tasting Notes: Sweet Chocolate, Hazelnut

Aroma (Smell): Chocolate

Body: Mid-High

Growing Altitude: 1200-1500 m

Harvest Period: December-January

Processing process: Washed, mechanically dried

Acidity: Low

Drink: Soft and silky first sip, full and lasting finish, bodied



Core Type: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11

Tasting Notes: Toffee, lemon, almond,

Aroma (Smell): Toffee, lemon, almond

Body: Medium

Growing Altitude: 1400m

Harvest Period: November - December

Processing process: Washed

Acidity: Medium



Bean Type: Arabica (Yellow Bourbon)

Harvest Time: August - September

Processing: Natural

Tasting Notes: Almond milk, wet walnuts, milk chocolate, caramel

Aroma (Smell): Almond, Almond Milk, Milk Chocolate, caramel

Body: Mid-High

Growing Altitude: 1100-1500

Acidity: Medium - Sweet

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