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Authentic Jade Roller & Reusable Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller Set

por Chideno
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Color: Purple

Authentic Jade Roller & Reusable Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller Set

The bundle brings two products together for a perfect face cleansing and wrinkle care regiment with no chemicals! You will receive: 

1. Volcanic Face Roller & Replacement Ball

2. Jade Roller (Pink, Green or Purple)

3. Gua Sha Stone

4. Silicone Brush (To Apply Oils to Jade Facial Roller)

The Volcanic Roller

This small and portable volcanic face roller comes with replacement balls and is easy as 1,2,3 with great portability. Just pop it into your bag for on the go. Volcanic face rollers made of real Volcanic rock are like blotting papers absorbing excess oil in seconds without messing up that beautiful make up of yours for a clean finish.

They also aid in firming and tightening skin reducing wrinkle appearance. These are absolutely reusable, to clean them all you need to do is to twist the roller ring, pull out the stone and wash with cleanser, rinse and air dry. 

For a full, no chemical treatment be sure to check out our Brazilian Jade Rollers and Gua Sha stones to use together.

TheJade Roller 

  • With an upgraded frame we've seen many of those cheaper alternatives squeak and squeak! The Chideno Jade Roller uses stainless steel as opposed to cheap brass with absolutley no glue) for a smooth and no sound comfortable experience.
  • The Jade itself is sourced from Brazil in purple, pink or deep greeb color which with use of crystalline lattice will boost circulation and smoothen lines. 
  • The set includes Gua Sha stone and brush as well, the Gua Sha is made of the same Jade as used in the roller. The now infamous Jade face roller is perfect as a daily routine for wrinkle treatment, puffiness by improving blood circulation.
  • Say no to chemicals and use this as part of daily treatment. We've included a brush for easy application of moisturizers and oils you may wish to use. To finish the Guasha is used to boost blood flow. 
  • We can promise a purple, pink or green color but as this is a natural stone each piece is unique and yes it is handmade. 

Our Suggestion: Search for Eye Mask and bundle with our 100% Mulberry Silk eye masks for maximum benefits and free shipping.


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