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Microfiber Hair Towel Turban (Set of 3)

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Colour: Pink x 3

Product Specifications

Chideno 3 Pack Microfiber Soft Absorbent Turban Hair Towel Wrap

Introducing the new high and soft absorbent Chideno Microfiber towel.

*Set of three, you can choose one of the following options:

A. Three Units x Grey
B. Three Units x Pink
C. Three Units x Beige
D. Multi-color = 1 Grey x 1 Pink x 1 Beige

We have already been providing these in our silk sleep cap hair care sets, and now by popular demand are selling these as individual products as well.

Size: 65*25 cm
Material: Polyester / Polyamide
Pack Count: 3 Units

Much less friction than tradition towels preventing breakage and split ends and of course less frizz. Absorbs moisture faster than anything else on the market. Please see picture for how to use and wrap the towel for best drying. It's a remarkably easy and effective slip and twist.

Very lightweight and machine washable (we suggest placing in machine wash bag.

Size is 65*25 cm and so fits most