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All Red Premium Negin Saffron Threads, Grade A Authentic Saffron (2.304 g)

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por Chideno
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Product Specifications

All Red Premium Negin Saffron Threads, Grade A Authentic Saffron (2.304 g)

  • Grade 1 Super Negin Saffron Thread. 100% Hand-picked Fresh & pure in Food Safe Tin Packaging. 0 MSG or additives. 
  • Pure All Red Saffron, No waste, carefully handpicked, stored and delivered to offer unmatched aroma, flavor, and color.
  • A perfect addition to enhance recipes. Used for making saffron tea, Paella, Pasta, Lamb or chicken tagine, Biriyanis, cakes, moussaka, saffron aioli, puddings, saffron rice, curries, stews, casseroles, risottos, chicken kebab
  • Free from any kinds of preservatives, additives, artificial colors or fragrances, MSG, salt and anything else that isn’t sourced from the green fields of our saffron farms.
  • 100% Pure, and Fresh Threads in Standard Food-Safe Tin Packages.Hand-picked Saffron Comes Directly from Farms. High quality, fresh saffron packaged in Vancouver

Grade A Authentic Saffron, measure at 2.304 +- 5% packed in tin container and sealed for freshness. We're really excited about this offering.

This saffron is pure with a very pleasant smell. Its color is scarlet with great flavor.

Directions: Grind our fine saffron threads thoroughly and dissolve in warm water as needed by your recipe.

Perfect addition to rice, baking, and even in your tea for extra health benefits. Dispatches from Canada same day and we're sure you'll consider coming back as per the quality.

Great article on everything about saffron including safekeeping, quality, directions, recipes check out chowhound's post.

*Packaging is in sealed silver tin. 

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