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Hair Care Set, Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap, Bamboo Hair Towel, Natural Comb

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por Chideno
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Product Specifications

Chideno Hair Care Pack - 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Cap - Bamboo Hair Towel Maintenance Set

We are a small business but we do a lot of research. If you're happy with our products and solutions then we know we're doing something right.

Since our great success with the pure sleep cap / bonnets we realized how important hair care and hair health is to our lovely customers and we decided to promote hair care not only during beauty sleeps but before it as well.

We are happy to introduce a hair care set which was made by you for you! Based on our research, these are considered to be some of the best healthy methods for hair maintenance and hey being eco-friendly along the way.

**Same Day Shipping Globally (What we're kinda famous for)


1. 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap - **Please let us know which colour you wish to have in the pack

2. Microfiber Hair Drying Towel Super-absorbent Hair Wrap Turban  ***Please let us know which colour you wish to have in the pack

We all know the importance of silk for hair care and maintenance but why the microfiber hair drying?

3. Bamboo brush - Eco friendly and better for preventing those split ends

This product is extremely soft to touch and highly absorbent so it'll work at greay speeds to efficiently and quickly dry your hair. Fits all hair types and lengths and you can reduce hair blow drying damage reducing split ends before sleep! We included a button to hold the turban wrap so it doesn't slide down and this towel is super lightweight and gentle on your hair!

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