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Coconut Shell Bowl, Miso Bowl (3 Pack) and spoons set

por Chideno
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Miso Bowl and spoons set, coconut shell, sushi set, ramen bowl, soup bowl, tiny bowl, wooden bowl, rice noodle , gift for her, sushi lover

 I really beleive in the following statement. If you begin to start eating in a wooden or coconut bowl or plates, you don't want to eat off any other material! It's great. The set will include 3 bowls measuring approximately: A diameter 13-15cm and a height of 4 cm to 6 cm, please note there will be differences in coconut shell sizes. They are finished with coconut oil.
Perfect small bowl for miso soup and the like. You will receive three coconut spoons!

Perfect for yoghurt, soups, parfait, granola etc.