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60 Cupcake Boxes, Single Muffin Cupcake Box with Insert (Gold)

par Chideno
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60 Cupcake Boxes, Single Muffin Cupcake Box with Insert (Gold)

Ordering these beautiful kraft paper boxes, you will receive 60 boxes and inserts. They will come flat packed for easy of transport and you can easily fold them and put them back together. The size of each is 3.6 x 3.6 x 4.3 inches with an insert diameter of approximately 2"-2.5".

Perfect for cupcakes. Beautifully designed to house a clear side so when given as a gift, party favor the cupcake/cake and muffin can be seen and shown off! This is one fancy way of giving party favors whether it's for a graduation, housewarming, kids parties or any occasion really.

The insert will keep the pastry upright and safe to carry. You can gift any foods including cookies, pastries, macarons, muffins (anything your heart desires).