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Coffee Assortment Pack, Latin American Whole Bean, Espresso, Coarse Coffee Gift Pack

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Coffee Type: 5 x 227 g (Beans)

Product Specifications

Chideno Premium Coffee Sampler Gift Set 5 x 227 Grams

Introducing the Chideno Gift set for the coffee lover, premium gourmet grade A organic coffee sets!


SET A. Bean Coffee Gift Set (5 x 227 g Coffee Set)

1 x Organic Nicaragua Dark Roast Beans
1 x Organic Mexico Dark Roast Beans
1 x Organic Guatemala Medium Roast Beans
1 x Organic Costa Rica Medium Roast Beans
1 x Organic Brazil Medium Roast Beans


Placed inside box with elegant cardboard shavings, gift wrapped, ribbon and finished up with bubble wrap to make sure it gets to your loved one just perfect!

Learn more about the coffee profiles below:

1. Nicaragua Roasted Coffee Bean and Ground Coffee - DARK ROAST
2. Mexico Roasted Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee - DARK ROAST
3. Guatemala Roasted Coffee Bean and Ground Coffee - MEDIUM ROAST
4. Costa Rica Roasted Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee - MEDIUM ROAST
5. Brazil Roasted Coffee Bean and Ground Coffee - MEDIUM ROAST

For best results use coarse grind for drip coffee, including drip coffee makers, Aeropress, Chemex and V60. Espresso grind is recommended for moka pots, espresso machines. Our preference: Buy beans to grind according to need.

Import Designation: Imported

Processing: Naturally processed

Aroma: Vibrant
Acidity: Bright
Body: Smooth and Rich

Flavour: Earthy

Grind: Bean

Roast: Medium & Dark

Weight: 227 Grams

Size: 8 x 4 x 2 Cm Per Pack

Packaging: 1 way valve laminated sealed kraft paper packaging

AMOUNT: 227 Grams / 8 Oz x 5

Fair Trade & Organic Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee Delivers Worldwide / USA / Canada

Single Origin Coffee

Small Batch Bean and Ground Coffee Roasting

Premium Quality Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee

✔ "Perfect aroma coffee while whole, and while ground. Your best choice for espresso or drip.
✔ Cupping Notes: milk chocolate, sweet, pleasant citrous notes, smooth body, delicate clean finish
✔ 100% Top Grade Arabica from Central, and South America coffee beans
✔ Artisan roasted fresh to perfection preserving the natural chocolate and sweet flavours of the coffee on our small batch roasters, and roasted immediately prior to packaging. Every bag is consistently the same! Best Coffee.
✔ Roasted in Canada

We really believe in fresh coffee, and you should too. Once you try freshly roasted Chideno coffee bean or ground coffee the more satisfying that coffee will be. We package our ground and coffee beans as soon as it's roasted and grinding process finished. We want our clients to enjoy fresh coffee, just a few days after being roasted.

Great gift for others or for yourself! Chideno Coffee is eco-friendly and sustainable, a good cup of coffee you deserve, crafted with love.

* Whole bean coffee and ground coffee available, you can choose from drop down menu.
* Freshly roasted, single origin coffee.
* Imported to Canada, carefully roasted in Ontario and ships in sustainable kraft coffee bags.


1. Bold & Full of Taste - medium-dark roast from Central or South America with dark cocoa notes

* We select only the finest green beans. So you never have a bad cup.
* Then we roast & taste. To bring out the right flavours & nuances. This will be a different coffee than that store bought you may buy. Single origin, small farmed and carefully and meticulously roasted & packed.


We are very passionate about what we do. Our roots are in coffee imports and distribution and we have incrementally added other lines as we believe ourselves to be lifestyle sellers providing best quality products and fast shipping with a focus on customer service. We want to create a new coffee experience in the midst of all this drop shipping and private label craze where quality is often forgotten. We like getting back to the basics. We're proud of our coffee quality.

We are offering a promo on our coffee because we know it may be hard for you to switch. Once you try our organic fair trade coffee for making aeropress, chemex, pour over french press you will realize what the difference between properly roasted and carefully selected organic coffee is as opposed to industrial grades available on shelves. Join us!

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