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Wool Beret, Warm Winter Hat, Parisian Beret, French Beret Womens 3 Pack

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Set: Yellow Beige Blue

Product Specifications

3 Units Beret Hat, Wool, Tam, French , Fashion, Accessory, Gift For Her, , Winter Hat, Women's Gift, Knitted Hat

These are pre chosen set of 3! Want to mix and match? No problem, just leave a note of which colours you want in the set and we’ll make it happen.

The Chideno Collection beret hat set of 3 Colours (We alternatively sell by Unit as well) is a perfect French inspired beret hat for any outfit and all weathers! Beautifully hand made and 100% wool. this knitted plain weaved collection will stand the test of time. What's more you can buy a range of colours for different outfits!

Material: Made of top quality wool. Weaving: Knitted Plain Weaving. This makes it durable and with three colours in each set you can ensure you have options for years to come with any outfit in your beautiful closet. You've always wanted to try pulling off the beret like the French , well now you can and in style!

Package Weight: Incredibly lightweight at 45 grams per beret hat. Pack of three net weight is 135 grams. Hats are convenient to store and take little or no space in any drawer or closet.

Size: Medium: Covering majority of head sizes. Buy with confidence and ensure it will fit. Returns available.

Wash: We recommend you follow instructions for wool carefully but we'd prefer if you dry clean only to ensure product durability in the long term. The wool used is quality product and dry cleaning is the best option if they do need a wash from time to time.

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