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Bongardi Premium Single Origin Coffee 5 Pack Sampler

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Bongardi Premium Single Origin Coffee 5 Pack Sampler

You will receive freshly roasted artisan crafted single origin coffee (5 x 200 grams) from Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Brazill and 1 Intense Blend Filter Coffee. This is  ground coffee perfect for french press and pour over coffee making. 

Brasil Santos Tasting Notes: Chocolate, roasted almonds. Fruity smooth body in the base notes. Body: 5/3 Acidity: 5/2

Colombia Tasting Notes: Intense honey, orange. In the base note, strawberry acidity is in the foreground. Body: 5/3 Acidity: 5/4

Peru Tasting Notes: Notes of vanilla, caramel, macaroon. Body: 5/3 Acidity: 5/3 

Honduras Tasting Notes: Very sweet, roasted hazelnuts, grapes, plums. Body: 5/3 Acidity: 5/3

Guatemala Tasting Notes: Roasted aromas, tea light citrus notes, acidity in a citric profile. Body: 5/3 Acidity: 5/3 

Intense Blend Tasting Notes: Chocolatey, Caramel, Herbal, Strong finish. Body: 5/5 Acidity: 5/3 Water determines the quality of coffee! 

Ships Fresh from Turkey with DHL (Express Delivery)

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