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Chideno Double Walled Turkish Tea Cup 170 Ml

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Units: 1 Tea Cup

Chideno 80 Ml Turkish Style Double Walled Tea Cup

The Chideno Tea Cups are a mini bundle of joy for espresso and tea lovers.

With a capacity of 170 Ml , these tea cups are an homage to traditional Persian and Turkish tea cup with the added benefit of being double walled and insulated, so no more burning fingers!

A perfect gift for tea lovers!


1. This coffee cup has the design of double layer, which can prevent heat insulation efficiently, making us more safe and convenient to drink hot tea.
2. Glittering and translucent aesthetic feeling, letting you experience a pleasant drinking experience, it can withstand temperatures from -20 to 150 degrees.
3. Made of high quality high-borosilicate glass, which is the market's best glass material with high resolution high brightness characteristics.

1. Material: high-borosilicate glass
2. Capacity: See Image
3. Color: transparent
4. Heat: heat-resisting temperature difference: -20 degrees -150 degrees
5. Size ( approx. ): See Image