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Chideno 80 Ml Turkish Style Double Walled Tea Cup

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Chideno 80 Ml Turkish Style Double Walled Tea Cup

The Chideno Tea Cups are a mini bundle of joy for espresso and tea lovers.

With a capacity of 80 Ml , these tea cups are an homage to traditional Persian and Turkish tea cup with the added benefit of being double walled and insulated, so no more burning fingers!

A perfect gift for tea lovers!


1. This coffee cup has a double layer design, preventing a safer and convenient way to drink hot tea.
2. Glittering and translucent aesthetic feeling, letting you experience a pleasant drinking experience, it can withstand temperatures from -20 to 150 degrees.
3. Made of high quality high-borosilicate glass, which is the market's best glass material with high resolution high brightness characteristics.

1. Material: high-borosilicate glass
2. Capacity: 80ml
3. Color: transparent
4. Heat: heat-resisting temperature difference: -20 degrees -150 degrees
5. Size ( approx. ): 9*6*5.5 cm/3.54*2.36*2.17in.