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Geisha Japanese Design Bamboo Chopsticks Set (5 Pairs)

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Product Specifications

Chideno Bamboo Japanese Chopstick Set (Set of 5) Geisha  Design 

Chideno Bamboo Japanese Chopstick Set (Set of 5) Geisha  Design

We have had such great reviews for our stainless steel chopstick sets that we have decided to grow our chopstick line to include eco-friendly high quality bamboo chopsticks as well.

These sets include 5 pairs (Five) of chopsticks made of bamboo with exquisite workmanship and unique design on the top of each chopstick. This is 5 different designs (5 pair design).

The design and look of the Japanese - Korean - Chinese chopstick set is exactly as pictured and they are incredibly lightweight. We recommend hand washing and immediate drying after washing.

The chopstick set comes in a beautiful box and can also serve as a great gift for a loved one.

Number in Set: 5

Design: Geisha Design

Size: 22.5 Cm Length , Box Size: 24 cm x 11 cm

Personalization: No

Etching: No

Material: Bamboo

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