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Wheat Straw Bento Lunchbox Gift Set, Insulated Lunch Box Bag Set, Gift Pack Bundle

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Bento Lunch Box Color: Pink
Bento Bag Color: Yellow

Product Specifications

Chideno Bento Lunchbox Gift Set

What better two products to go together than a bento lunch box & a bento insulated bag? This is a perfect fit. What's inside?

1 x Bento Lunch box (as pictured) - Please note it does not come with stainless steel cutlery but rather with eco friendly wheat straw spoon and chopsticks which fits in the cover

1 x Bento Lunch Box Insualted bag

How does it fit?

It fits exact, so there won't be too much room to place other items such as a water bottle etc. We kindly ask that you carefully review sizes of both the bento box (as seen in the picture) as well as the bento insulated lunch box bag which measures at 21 x 17 x 15 cm (8.26 inch x 6.69 inch x 5.9 inch)

The bento box has three storage places and is air tight sealed and comes with a wheat straw utensil set (spoon and chopstick pair) and fits perfectly in the tote keeping your food warm for on the go.

Whether it's for school, work or a nice picnic you'll be keeping your food warm and hey looking cute too!