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Biodegradable Eco Friendly Cotton Swabs Ear Buds

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Product Specifications

Chideno Biodegradable Eco Friendly Cotton Swabs 

Overall length: 75 mm
Travel size: 100 pieces per pack
Material: pure organic cotton tipped , 100% Eco Friendly
Packaging: Recycled Cardboard
Feature soft cotton tips make them safe for use
Use these wood stick cotton swabs to do anything you need. Remove make up, apply creams, take care of injuries and wounds or even perform arts and crafts.

100 natural sticks per box. 🙂
100% ecofriendly alternative. Made from renewable bamboo wood and top quality cotton. Recyclable pack!

The best addition to reusable rounds, bamboo toothbrushes in the bathroom or straws and grocery bags

♻️ Swap your artificial plastic swabbies with environmentally friendly items in the recycled package