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Dumpling Maker, Perogi Maker Clamp with Serving Spoon (Wheat Straw) Kitchen Helper

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Colour: Green

Product Specifications

Chideno Canada Shipped Home Minimalist Dumpling Maker 

These dumpling maker kitchen helpers are so easy to use and wash! Made of wheat straw material, very eco friendly and can ensure you have great looking dumplings every time. Each set comes with a dumpling roller and matching spoon.

All you have to do is size your dough, create your delicious mixture, place the dough on the dumpling maker add the filling and voila! Take out quality dumpling and gyoza made by you, healthy and beautiful.

The sets come in vibrant colours matching any kitchen utensils set and are easily stored. We know you'll love it! Afterall consistency is very important in food presentation, whether it's for a dinner party or every day meals with family.

Import Designation: Imported

Material:Wheat Straw


Package include:1PC Dumpling Maker Device + Filler Spoon

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