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Casual Braided Rope Bracelet Collection - Nautical Design With Clasp, Gift idea, cotton

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Style: Black Clip
Color: Pink

Product Specifications

Chideno Casual Braided Rope Bracelet Collection

One of our most popular gift purchases!, the Chideno Braided Rope Bracelet are unique designs made from simple material and offered at convenient prices so you can stand out when you're out with friends or playing some sports but don't want to cost your unique style on the go. 

There are two types of bracelets in this special collection, one with a black connection bridge and a unique steel bridge which is a beautiful accessory to whatever you're in the mood to wear today. 

Due to the colour set and design, the Chideno Braided Rope Bracelets are unisex and are therefore a great gift idea for friends, family and loved ones both him and her. 

Buying it as a gift? We gift wrap! Check gift wrap at checkout.

Import Designation: Imported

Types: 2

Weight: 25-30 Grams

Length: 21 Cm

Package Dimension: 7 x 7 x 5 Cm

Material: Braided Rope and Steel (Clips)

Occasion: Casual/Sports

Brand: Chideno


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