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Coffee Latte Art Pen for Etching

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Product Specifications

Chideno Eco Design Coffee Latte Art Pen for Etching

You are on your way of becoming a home barista. You have that Chemex coffee maker, a nespresso machine, a Bialetti moka pot on the side and are ready for the next level?

Maybe you enjoy matcha lattes too? While it is important that you purchase a quality frother (available in online store)  and a pitcher for adding the steamed milk, you can use the latte art pen (a usual accessory of professional baristas) for making memorable latte art designs through etching technique. This lightweight apparatus weighs at 134 mm and is dishwasher safe. 

Import Designation: Imported

Material: Stainless Steel

Use: Latte Art Etching

Size: 134 Mm

Dishwasher Safe: Yes, hand wash recommended


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