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Cosmetics Make Up Bag - Geometric Rainbow Design, Zipper, Gift for her, Travel Bag

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Model: Model 1

Product Specifications

Chideno Geometric Rainbow Make Up and Toiletry Bag

We are thrilled to be able to offer these beautul toiletry/Make Up bags. We absolutely love this collection because of its easy storage, durability and practicality. The colour is beautiful and changes with light and feels absolutely fantastic with lots of room as a home or travel make up bag.

*So what type am I buying? We have linked the photos to the type with specific dimensions (type 1 and 2). If it still isn't clear and you want to make sure, simply take a look at the photo with dimensions where the type is written!

Each unit is beautifully designed in geometric, rainbow colour (in light) design. First glance it looks grey but in light gives off a beautiful rainbow colour and is truly unique.

We have three types in stocks (see pictures) and we invite you to look at the dimensions in the photo prior purchasing. Each unit comes with a strap and is closed via zipper.

We hope you love them as much as we do! They are a great gift item too

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