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Chideno Microfiber Heatless Curling Ribbon and Scrunchie Set

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Product Specifications

Chideno Microfiber Hair Curling Ribbon, Scrunchie, Hair Clip Set 

We've had tremendous interest in our pure mulberry silk curling ribbons / scrunchies as well as our high quality microfiber hair towels.

We decided to find a product that uses benefits of both and are happy to introduce the Chideno Microfiber Towel Curling Ribbon. Each set comes with:

1. Microfiber Hair Curling Ribbon
2. 2 Microfiber Scrunchies
3. 1 Hair Clip

How to use:

  • Dry hair a bit
  • Brush hair thoroughly
  • Part your hair down the middle
  • Staring on a side, take a small section of your hair and carefully wrap it around the curling ribbon
  • Repeat step 4 moving down the ribbon and wrapping until you reach the end of the ribbon
  • Tie ends with a scrunchie or elastic (provided in the product bundle)
  • Repeat for the second side of your hair

We've tried the microfiber curler and the results are AMAZING! Curl and Dry at the same time!

Length: 100 Cm / 39.3 Inches
Width: 3.8 Cm / 1.5 Inches