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Coffee Grinder, Manual Hand Crank Mini Portable

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Colour: Silver

Product Specifications

Chideno Mini Portable Conical Burr Stainless Steel Coffee Bean Grinder 

The Chideno Mini Portable Grinder Conical Burr Stainless Steel Grinder for Coffee Beans is perfect for Aeropress, coffee drip bag, Chemex, V60 and drip coffee makers! Stop trading off coffee quality freshness and taste profiles for already grinded coffee! Take back control of your daily coffee routine with this durable, simple to use, mini coffee grinder and finally see what all the rave about fresh coffee beans and at home grinding is about!

CLEAN DESIGN: No hassle, smooth stainless steel finish and extremely easy to use. All you have to do is take care in buying great coffee (we suggest searching Chideno Coffee Beans in search) and pouring it into the top of the coffee grinder, place the handle and in sixty seconds or less you have fresh ground coffee ready to go. Stop forcing yourself to buy store ground coffee drivel and buy any type of coffee you want!

SIZE & PORTABILITY: Perfect for camping, travel (we ourselves make our coffee using Aeropress, Chemex and V60) and having a portable mini coffee grinder at a very affordable price is a fantastic addition. Perfect for summer picnics, camping, barbecues or simply taking to a friends.

ADGUSTABILITY: We had to grind a few times to get the hang of it. While there are instructions in every box, the Chideno portable coffee grinder can help you grind from fine (for espresso machines, percolators etc. to coarse grind (great for Chemex and Aeropress). You have to slide of the base (handle attached), adjust the nut on the conical ceramic burr. Moving clockwise you will have finer and anti-clockwise and coarser grinds.It's that easy!

Import Designation: Imported

Material: Outer (stainless steel)

Method: Manual Hand Coffee Grinder

Type: Burr Grinder (Conical)

Product Size: 4.8x13.4cm

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