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Instant Read Oven Thermometer Classic Series Dial With NSF approval, Baking, Pastry

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Product Specifications

Chideno Oven Thermometer Classic Series Dial With NSF approval Instant Read 2-Inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Grill Baking Thermometer Oven

The Chideno Classic Series, oven thermometer is a perfect addition to your beautiful kitchen and baking and cooking tools to ensure exact recipe temperatures are adhered to. In effect, ovens have temperature gauges but with some degree of error!

This problem is solved with the Chideno dial quick read oven thermometer made with durable stainless steel and waterproof! With a large easy to read dial, you can easily read the temperature without risking letting all that hear out when baking or cooking.

The Chideno oven thermometer has a temperature range of between 100 - 600 Fahrenheit which is equivalent to 50 to 300 Degrees celsius.

Imported, and ready to use, this thermometer does not require a battery and can be placed in an oven out of the box. It is very easy to clean and versatile for use in grilling, barbecuing and baking.

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