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Chideno Silk Lover Gift Set

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Original price $80.00
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Product Specifications

Chideno Silk Lover Gift Set

Bringing another customer survey based product online! Introducing the premium bath to bed hair care set. The set includes:

1. Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Curling Ribbon and Scrunchie Set
2. Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap (Silk Hair Wrap)
3. Microfibre Soft Absorbent Hair Drying Towel

*Why not treat yourself or give it is a gift. We gift wrap beautifully for that special someone.

Say goodbye to bedhead and split ends as all three products are proven to increase hair quality over time! Made of premium quality and ready for use.

Don't like the product you received from us? We have a famous policy! Since we never sell refurbished goods we ask that you show a proof of donation to a women's hospital or ward and receive 100% full refund! No questions asked!

Have a question about 1 or some of these products? Ask our customer sales reps. and they'll help you within the hour (if we're not sleeping).

Go ahead, treat yourself or a special someone.

*Want to make a change to the colour?
**Upon availability you can change the silk sleep cap color to red, navy, black, brown, gold or beige
***Upon availability you can change the curling ribbon to black
****Upon availability you can change the towel color to beige or grey