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Instant Read Coffee and Food Thermometer Stainless Steel 1 3/4-Inch Dial

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Product Specifications

Chideno Stainless Steel Coffee, Tea & Milk Thermometer 

Chideno Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Thermometers - Instant Read 1 3/4-Inch Dial Thermometer

With the advancement of hot drinks making and cooking in general, sticking to recipes has become very important. Introducing the Chideno drinks and milk thermometer. Want to make a perfect milk froth for a latte or cappuccino, make sure the milk isn't too hot or to make the perfect matcha or green tea then you've visited the right product!

SHIPPING | Orders are shipped within 2 days.Please allow 2 weeks until your item is delivered
FAHRENHEIT & CENTIGRADE | Our Milk and espresso Thermometer now offers the convenient feature of both fahrenheit & centigrade!
STAINLESS STEEL | The Chideno Pro Milk Thermometer features a 304 Stainless steel probe to keep durability and efficiency at it's max.
PREMIUM QUALITY | Chideno Pro products are carefully crafted from premium materials to guarantee a long lasting product that will suit all of your coffee and tea needs. Add one to your cart today!

Import Designation: Imported

Type: Both Fahrenheit & Centigrade

Use: Milk frothing, coffee making, tea making, matcha making , at home barista

Temperature Range: 0~100C/30~210F

Dial: 45mm

Probe material: Stainless Steel

Cover Material: Plastic

Stem Size: 3.8*127mm

Package Size: 4.5X4.5X15.5 cm

Gross Weight: 100 grams