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Oil and Fat Gravy Separator (Stainless Steel)

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Product Specifications

Chideno Stainless Steel Hand Held Kitchen Oil Gravy Fat Separator

The Chideno Stainless Steel fat separator is made of durable 304 Stainless steel making it dishwasher safe and easily cleanable.

Long used by restaurants you van use these strainers for homemade beef, chicken, turkey or vegetable broth for soups or sauces.

The Chideno Kitchen fat separator uses a pitcher and spout method which is the traditional and trusted method (as pictured).

This sturdy pitcher has a set in strainer straining larger pieces of meat and vegetables providing ease of use.

Import Designation: Imported

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Use: Oil and Fat separator

Type: Pitcher & Spout 

Wash: Dishwasher Safe

Small: 165 Grams


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