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Loose Leaf Japanese Drip Bag (50 Pack)

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Pack Size: 50

Product Specifications

Chideno Tea Pour Over Disposable Drip Bag - Tea Filter Paper

The Chideno Pachit tea drip bag filter is a novel one time use tea dripping innovation from Japan. Our product is made in Japan and is made of high quality material. Each pack which is heat sealed in recyclable paper package for this high quality product.


1. Open drip bag and use side handles to place over desired mug or tea server/decanter

2. Pour desired amount of tea (loose leaf) (amount of tea depends on your unique drip tea recipe or preference).

2. Bring water to a boil and place thermometer (to ensure water is at 80 Degrees Celsius for best results

3. Add water in a circular fashion seeing water rise to around 85% of the drip bag and wait to settle

4. Continue pouring until desired tea strength/container size reached

5. Discard of used drip bags

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