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Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box Set(Blue, Green, Pink)

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Color: Green

Product Specifications

Chideno Wheat Straw Lunchbox

Introducing the beautiful, compact, wheat straw lunch box. Each set includes:

*Included utensils are Wheat Straw & NOT Metal as pictured.

1. Wheat Straw Base
2. Wheat Straw Lid (Stores 1 chopstick pair and spoon)
3. Wheat Straw Spoon and chopstick Pair (Please note silver coloured spoon and chopsticks are illustrative only and this set comes with wheat straw utensils)

Perfect for school, university, the office, camping and outdoors. Made of food safe PP and wheat straw material, it is an eco friendly alternative, durable and very easily cleaned.

Key Features:

1. Leak Proof with built in sealing ring
2. Robust snap design
3. Size: 20.5*13*7cm
4. Capacity:1000ml
5. Available colours: Green, Pink, Blue
6. BPA Free, reusable, biodegradable

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