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Chopstick and Spoon set, 6 Pack, Korean Flatware

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Color: Rainbow

Product Specifications

Chopstick and Spoon set, 6 Pack, Korean Flatware Gift, Sushi Set, Ramen Utensils, Reusable, Dishwasher Safe Cutlery, Family Pack, Japan Gift

6 pack spoon and chopstick set in rose gold, gold, black, silver and rainbow. Perfect as a gift, for personal use or the family. Dishwasher safe and made of quality stainless steel. Used for picnics, at the office, school, home for Asian inspired meals including ramen, udon, sushi, rice and noodles.

Spoon measurement: 7.8 inch x 1.7 inch
Chopstick length: 9.5 inches

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