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Montagu High Energy Nuts Snack Box (10 x 100 grams Pack), Healthy Snack, Full Case

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Product Specifications

Montagu High Energy Nuts Snack Box (10 x 100 grams Pack)

We’ve extended our popular Lifestyle Range of dried fruit, nut and seed blends to tasty, convenient snack packs.  Initially only available in larger quantities, the Lifestyle Range (previously known as the WeCare Range) offers those with demanding lifestyles more snacking convenience than ever before.

As part of Montagu’s quest to start a snack revolution in South Africa, we are excited to finally make these blends available in the form of on-the-go snack portions.  Our recent brand repositioning has allowed us to focus on products, like the Lifestyle Range, that encourage and support healthy snacking for those who need to keep up with the often gruelling demands of life.

Weight and Packs

Montagu Lifestyle Range are now available in 100g packs.

The range consists of the following products:

  • Banting Friendly Blend
  • Brain Food Blend
  • Heart Friendly Mix
  • High Energy Snack
  • Immune Support Mix
  • Low GI Dried Fruit Mix


  • Almonds (23%)
  • Cashews (23%)
  • Cranberries (23%) [Cranberries, Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower Seed)]
  • Tropical Fruit Mix (20%) [Guava Fruit Flakes (Guava Pulp, Sugar)
  • Dried Bananas
  • Dried Mangos
  • Dried Pineapples
  • Macadamia Nuts (11%)


  • As a healthy snack
  • In salads for extra kick and energy
  • In baked goods and desserts
  • Party Snack
  • Lunchbox, office snack or on-the-go sports nutrition

Health benefits:

High Energy Snack: Ideal for the daily demands of modern life, this mix not only tastes great, but is high in monounsaturated fat, energy and fibre, and naturally cholesterol-free and low in sodium.

Contains: almonds, cashews, cranberries, tropical mix and macadamia nuts