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Stainless Steel Flatware Travel Set

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Color: Rainbow

Product Specifications

Chideno Traveller's Modern Flatware (7 Piece Set)



The Chideno flatware set is a fantastic addition to that beautiful picnic basket of yours! Very convenient as all of the 7 piece flatware fits in a durable bag and won't take any space and you reduce the risk of losing any of the accompanying utensils. Environmentally friendly in the sense that these are completely machine washable and can be reused no matter how many picnics you go to! You save costs from plastic and hey you reduce social costs too! One of our main business lines is stainless steel products and we think we're good at it! Extremely clean cut, quality material and uniquely modern!

1. Fork , 2. Straw (Straight), 3. Straw (Curved), 4. Knife, 5. Spoon, 6. 1 Pair of Chopsticks, 7. Straw Cleaner and portable case. Machine washable , however we recommend drying prior storage.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

The material is durable and long lasting. Environmentally friendly and eco friendly as you no longer buy and throw out plastic cutlery for your camping trips and picnics

Case: 23 Cm, Each Straw: 21 Cm, Straw Cleaner: 20 CM, Chopsticks 22 Cm, Knife 22 Cm, Fork 21 Cm, Spoon 21 cm

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