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Complete Bamboo Sushi Making Set (Roller, Chopsticks, Rice Spoon)

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Chopstick Type (Only Chopstick Changes): Rabbit

Product Specifications

Sushi Making Set, Chopstick, Mat, Knife, Rice Spoon, Complete Set, Bamboo, Wood, Japan Gift, Gift for her, Gift for him, Sushi lover gift

A perfect set for a perfect customer. Whether you wish to have family sushi nights, and look the part with a durable set or give it as a gift to a sushi lover you can't go wrong with this set. We have an exciting offer regarding the chopstick set coming with it, that you can choose between below.

Each set will include: 2 bamboo mats, 1 Rice Spoon, 1 Sushi Knife and 5 pairs of chopsticks. Absolutely high quality. This is a beginner's set but perfect for a pro as well ;)

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