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Loose Leaf Tea Filter Strainer Bag (300 Pack)

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Tea Filter Bag, Loose Leaf Tea Strainer Bag, 300 Pieces, Disposable Empty Tea Bags Tea Infuser with Drawstring for Herbal Tea and Green Tea

Early on we introduced a revolutionary coffee maker, the Chideno Drip Bag from Japan. With its success, we have received a lot of request for tea infusers or empty unfilled tea bags, mostly wanting unbleached. Well here you go :). With more and more loose leaf tea usage and people picking and choosing natural teas and specific mixes and blends, these are perfect for on the go or at home. Simply fill the tea bag, use the drawstring to close, place in mug or cup and voila! Simply dispose of when done. Very convenient and practical perfect for DIY tea and herbal tea.

Each pack contains 150 unbleached drawstring empty loose leaf tea bag / infuser.

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