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100% Natural Cotton Mesh Soap Bag

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by Chideno
Original price $9.00 - Original price $13.00
Original price
$9.00 - $13.00
Current price $9.00
Pack Size: 1 Soap Pouch

Product Specifications

Chideno 100% Natural Cotton Mesh Soap Bag Drawstring Mesh Bag

The Chideno soap pouch is made of 100% cotton and is a great deal as you can essentially use the bar of soap completely.

Made of 100% cotton for exfoliation and gentle for a clearer and smoother skin to improve circulation. The drawstring allows it to be hung to dry and measures at 14 x 9 cm.

This is a clean, plastic free product to replace bottled and plastic shower products.

Soap pouches foam faster and are and you can even use smaller soap scraps until the very end. We recommend handwashing or a gentle machine wash but not using a dryer.