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Silk Sleep Cap, Sleeping Bonnet, One Size Mulberry Silk Hair Wrap

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by Chideno
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Colour: Navy

Product Specifications

Chideno 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Sleeping Cap Bonnet 

100% Authentic Pure Mulberry Silk Bonnet - If you're not happy with the product we ask that you donate to a women's hospital and receive 100% refund (no questions asked) with proof of donation!! Buy from us and pay it forward.

Let's be honest, your hair is important to you , and you spend a lot of time and effort on it, so anything you put on it has to be quality! The Chideno Women's Sleep Cap is 100% Pure Mulberry Silk , with precise tailoring and coming in beautiful colours.

You can have protection and comfort, and hey stand out even when you sleep. We know you'll love it!

The Wrapped and pleated Chideno sleep cap, is not only decorative but the design allows the forehead to refresh and ensure you maintain hair style and volume and protect the root.

Silk sleep caps should not be worn on wet hair, ensure you dry your head prior use.

Why Should My Hair Wrap Be Silk?

Silk Sleep Caps Help Regulate Your Body Temperature. Perhaps you may not have realized but lots of warmth is lost through our head. Sleeping caps allow you to stay warm all night. Silk sleep caps are better over satin and synthetic fibres because the fabric actually helps body temperature to regulate.

What's More Chideno Mulberry sleep caps prevent scalp irritation, adding an extra layer of soft and silk between your scalp and the pillow. So what about hair protection and hair health? Why sleep on that beautiful made up hair destroying the style and getting bedhead?

Silk sleep caps minimize friction and hence protecting hairstyles. Furthermore, if you have had split ends, silk caps during sleep helps once again minimizing that chance of hair break and split ends through the touch between your help and pillow.

It has also be shown that if you are attempting for hair growth but have been facing some difficulty, breakage can be reduced as chances are the hair is breaking while we sleep.

Finally, with age much like the sin, hair becomes significantly dryer because of gradual moisture loss. A fantastic method to retain that moisture is the use of silk sleep bonnet.

Say goodbye to Beadhead!

Our 100% Silk Sleep Cap

Material: 100% Mulberry Silk

Function: Sleep Cap / Hair Wrap / Head Wrap / Sleeping Bonnet

Size: 54-58cm, one size

Handmade: Yes

Weight: 250 Gr

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