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Pure Mulberry Silk Curling Ribbon

Dispatches in: 1 Hour
by Chideno
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Colour: Navy

Product Specifications

Chideno Pure Mulberry Silk Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon with Padding

Go natural and become eco friendly for hair care! Hey it even helps with your hair health. Introducing the new Chideno 100% Pure  Mulberry padded curling ribbon.

The Chideno Curling ribbon measures at 80 Cm Long and and has a 12 cm circumference.

Silk fiber has a similar structure to our hair containing proteins and amino acids and its natural attributes will help maintain moisture to avoid hair breakage, oh and by the way it's padded and stitching is from inside!


1. Dry hair
2. Brush hair thoroughly
3. Part your hair down the iddle
4. Staring on a side, take a small section of your hair and carefully wrap it around the curling ribbon
5. Repeat step 4 moving down the ribbon and wrapping until you reach the end of the ribbon
6. Tie ends with a scrunchie or elastic
7. Repeat for the second side of your hair

Beautiful instruction videos on youtube to match for your hair length!