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Coffee Capsule, Nespresso Compatible (Espresso) 4 Pack (40 Capsules)

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by Chideno
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Product Specifications

Coffee Capsule, Nespresso Compatible (Espresso) 4 Pack (40 Capsules)

Introducing one of the newest entrants into the coffee capsule market! No more unknown blends!

Prices include DHL Delivery 3 Days

This is the Espresso Single origin full city roast! These capsules are Nespresso machine compatible.

About the coffee: Robusta and Arabica mix. Manufactured by a well known Turkish coffee producer (check out our Turkish Coffee Capsule! That's right, it exists!).

The Istanbul Cafer capsule is a rich and robust single origin coffee, masterfully roasted to create a full bodied espresso. Istanbul Cafer uses premium coffee with every batch hand crafted to perfection. Designed to be used in Original Nespresso Machines (not to be used with K-Cup brewers.

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