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Japanese Green Tea, Ikkyu Yoshiaki Green Tea - High Grade Japanese Sencha Green Tea, Organic Japan Gift

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by Chideno
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Product Specifications

Chideno Ikkyu Yoshiaki Green Tea - High Grade Japanese Sencha Green Tea

Import Designation: Imported by Inter Counsel Commercial Ltd

Origin: 100% Japanese tea from Miyazaki

Quality: High Grade Sencha Green Tea

Cultivation: Oku-Midori, Asatsuyu

Tasting Notes: See Image Guide

Rarity: Extremely Rare - First Harvest

Selected and blended by one of the only tea Masters who hold a 10th dan in this area of expertise (the highest level), this high-grade sencha combines two rare cultivars, oku midori and asatsuyu.

Picked in May in the Miyazaki prefecture, this sencha will immediately surprise you with its powerful umami and lack of bitterness.

Very refreshing, its sweetness makes this tea a pure delight, one of Joëlle’s favorite before going to aikido practice.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, it is best not to drink it in the evening, but otherwise, it is perfect at your work desk, during your creative moments or before exercising as it will bring you focus and clarity of mind.

*Note Packaging May Differ
Preparation: Tea Quantity: 80 Gr, Water Quantity: 200 Ml, Water Temp.: 70C, Brewing Time: 40 Seconds
Very refreshing despite its strong umami, its bitterness is low-key. Its beautiful golden hue, its freshness and good levels of theanine will relax you and bring you much pleasure. 
Shelf Life: 18 Months, Opened: 6 Weeks
Facing the Pacific Ocean, Miyazaki prefecture is known of its beautiful pristine beaches and its verdant and luscious mountains. It enjoys a mild climate. While it is not well known outside Japan for its tea, Miyazaki is actually the fourth tea-producing region of Japan. This area produces very high quality tea. It is notably home to the exceptional and rare Kamairi-cha, made using a very special production technique (pan fry).