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Single Origin Armoni Coffee Premium Nespresso Compatible Capsules (120 Capsules, 12 Pack)

by Chideno
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Original price $83.00
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Single Origin Armoni Coffee Nespresso Compatible Capsules (120 Capsules, 12 Pack)

Armoni capsule coffees offer pure and unique coffee pleasure. You will receive 120 Capsules (Nespresso compatible, Single Origin coffee pods)

Price Includes express delivery via DHL (3 Days)

Flavor Profiles: 

1 x Espresso Sofia

1 x Espreso Smooth

1 x Espresso House Blend

1 x Espresso Intense

1 x Espresso Brunette

1 x Rwanda Single Origin

1 x Lungo Coffee Capsules

1 x Kenya Single Origin

1 x Guatemala Antigua Capsules

1 x Ethiopia Single Origin

1 x Colombia Antigua Single Origin

1 x Brazil Santos

Premium coffee & excquisitely unique tase

From harvesting to roasting, discover the incredible journey our premium coffee beans take to bring happiness to your palate.

Compatible with Nespresso Coffee Machine."Nespresso" is a third party brand and has no affiliation with Armoni or Chideno. 


Ships Fresh with DHL (Express Delivery)

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