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Siphon Vaccum Pot coffee Maker (2 Cup, 3 Cup, 5 Cup)

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Volume: 5 Cups
Color: Clear


This Siphon Vaccum Pot coffee maker is based on the French style Siphon coffee process.

Siphon is a traditional method that uses a vacuum system to extract the coffee. It is said to be the best tasting coffee you can brew with the most intense aroma.

This coffee maker is designed for 2, 3, and 5 cups.

Material: Heat Proof Glass

Color: Transparent Clear

Net Weight: 1.5 Kg

Capacity: 2 Cups, 3 Cups and 5 Cups


Product Description

Siphon Pot (2).jpgSiphon Pot (3).jpgSiphon Pot (4).jpgSiphon Pot (19).jpgSiphon Pot (20).jpg