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Hello & Side Note 

It's been quite a journey to get here Vancouver, but we're glad we made it. First of all, we love you and we love Canada. We are so proud of Canada and more importantly its people for their support of government officials, government decrees, nurses and health officials and for really pitching in to flatten that curve.

We're known worldwide for our peacefulness and outright love of following the rules to ensure we have a better Canada for everyone, but I think after COVID-19 we'll also be known as one of the most responsible countries, with the most responsible citizens in the world too. In short, this is why we love you all and so glad to be based in this beautiful Country. 

Intention | Knowledge Spillover | Chideno Transparency

The intention of our articles and news which will be published from time to time on our website is two fold. Our team believes in the effects of knowledge spillovers and benefits it can have for industries and individuals, and for the sake of transparency it helps us connect with you which will help pass on better products, at the right time, at the right place and at the right price to you.

The world is about relationships, and that relationship developed with you is critical to our sustainability. If you know more about our team's thoughts and aspirations and day to day, you'll know who you're buying from and who was behind every click you made and every product you received.

Lets not beat around the bush, we're not manufacturers, so you won't relate with a mom and pop store, but real people are behind every facet of our organization and they want to share their thoughts (in the middle of all this marketing material) to connect with you. Think of them as your brothers or sisters or cousins :) you can relate too, because we're not a mom and pop operation but an importer and distributor, this is why we can pass on savings and offer a great variety.

By individual, we don't mean colleagues at the company or our partners, but you as well. You are the most integral part of our success, the customer. Prior to our soft launch, the team sat down to think of a communications strategy , and apart from the boring brand introductions and lifestyle descriptions (which are necessary and you will see in the future) we also decided to publish contributions from staff and friends on all the facets of our business starting from that very first coffee bean, or that component, all the way to your premium coffee and and that coffee maker you love so much! In short, the company will put out blog posts about a range of topics which you can read while browsing our great catalogue. We're glad to share this with you, and hope you will contribute through reviews and discourse. 

What We're All About

Introductions first! is the online sales platform of Inter Counsel Commercial Ltd , a Canadian corporation with competency in international trade from manufacturing to store.

Our roots are heavily founded in imports and distribution of coffee (beans, ground, capsule) as well as tea and related accessories but we came to the realization that product mastery is not enough.

We have a fantastic client base, which has other requirements too and the mastery to exploit shouldn't be wasted on a single product, but on international trade systems and quality control. We know that was a mouthful but we'd like to break it down. From the onset we developed great strategic partnerships with suppliers of coffee, coffee makers (classic and third wave coffee makers) and the like.

Upon developing those partnerships we identified our market which we wished to cater to (enter you, a fantastic customer) and began importing small trial shipments to test out our branding, logistics efficiency and quality.

In time, as any other business built on solid foundations and system learning (no, not machine learning) we went through the classic swing cycles of growth and stability. It was at this point, that we realized we can offer the same framework for strategic partnership building, financial management, branding and quality control across different product platforms. 

Without getting into the nitty gritty, we applied our experience, our frameworks for supply chain management and CRM and brainstormed ideas about products we could get excited about.

We put all these (what we call a wicked problem) into a multi criteria decision analysis model, to choose an optimal product portfolio based on our constraints (our budget) and was born. Listen, we're just starting out this business we call selling coffee and tea lifestyles through our Canadian online department store and everyone here agrees we want to be transparent as possible with our customers regarding our business model. 

It all gets down to service level in logistics term. You expect , timely service, quality product and good prices. In an ideal world, this could apply across all products, but one can master one at a time.

We offer quality products at good prices but due to the exponential increase in the number of suppliers we manage now (i.e. jumping from 10 product lines to 100) from all corners of the world shipping may take a little bit more than you'd like. We ship within 1 business day for 70% of our products, but some of our great selection is made to order so 15-20 shipping (especially as a result of COVID-19) isn't unheard of. 

To solve this for you, we assure quality and provide 30 day money back guarantee (apart from food stuff for obvious reasons) so you know each and every product you bought was worth the wait. 

We have a long road ahead of us, but we have resolve and we know you'll love our transparency, our quality products and more importantly the close relationship we will seek to build with you. You are the centre piece of our organization and we will strive to be better in every way, every day. Thank you for your time and until we meet again on the next contribution. 


Jason Safinia Team

April 2020 | Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

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Damien - abril 12, 2020

got to try this store out when you have a chance :)

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