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We serve customers globally driving sustainable success through focus on four pillars

Customer Centric

By focusing on our customers first we achieve high service levels in shipping, item quality and personal shopping experience

Winning Suppliers

Meaningful supplier relationships translate to better quality products and great pricing for our customers

Core Markets

Clear focus on North America & Europe allows us to focus on trends and ensure affordable, quality and sought after products in our core markets


Phase Out Use of Plastics and new cardboard in packaging, while maintaining parcel integrity and service quality

Global Presence | Global Reach
Chideno is Headquartered in Canada with offices in London, Istanbul and Dubai allowing us to have global reach in product sourcing, warehousing and fast shipping to maintain affordable, high quality products delivered promptly to our growing international customer base. Our Global presence allows us efficient sales in core markets as well as provision of logistics and parcel forwarding services to offer curated shopping experiences based on core needs.
Multi Service & Multi Product Focus
Chideno offers a variety of product categories for sale in Canada, the US & Europe. Our global footprint allows us to provide additional services such as private label coffee, parcel forwarding service to Canadian, EU and American customers from Turkey and UAE and vice-versa. We also provide wholesale gift items for weddings, events & corporate gifts in days not weeks.
Quality Assurance & Compliance
We are a bonafide Canadian corporation with safeguards in place from the moment goods are manufactured until they arrive at our warehouses in Canada, UK & Turkey. We adhere to strict quality guidelines for authenticity of our premium silk products, and to ensure all of our flatware, home goods and foodstuff which are consumed by our customers are safe for consumption and are transported to ensure utmost safety according to stringent Canadian regulations.
We aim to phase out the use of plastic in our packaging by 2025 and use recycled materials only. We press our suppliers to do the same when exporting to us to ensure an eco friendly supply chain. We understand the current market with the norm of fast shipping and lax return policies creates a large carbon footprint and are happy to offer both carbon offsetting (paid towards environmental projects and tree planting) as well as invite our customers to donate products for full refunds as opposed to re-sending products With our goals in cutting down emissions through our donate-to-return policy, using sustainable material and packaging and phasing out use of plastics by 2025 we aim to become more sustainable and work with out customers to jointly help change industry norms and expectations.
It's All About you!
We are nothing without our customers and you can rest assured that we take good care in providing great pricing, sustainable processes and safe payment with some of the fastest shipping in the market to ensure you are happy from the moment of purchase and knowing that the brand you've chosen shares your values and will work around the clock to ensure a great buying experience. Remember we exist because of you and our growth stems from your satisfaction and patronage. So Thank you!

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