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About Us

Chideno is a proud Canadian Brand, manufacturing and importing products from around the world.

Our core products are coffee, tea, silk apparel and home goods with a goal of being a one stop shop for products used by our lovely customers from the moment they wake up, share meals together, go camping and perhaps most importantly make a loved one smile with a practical and high quality gift. 

The Chideno team is diverse one coming with years of experience in marketing, logistics, corporate social responsibility and procurement. We have an in house model for product selection and quality assurance to ensure we cater to our customer demands with quality products they can be sure are made to last, sustainable and most importantly practical. 

Catering to increasing need for product quality in a market saturated with industry destroying dropshippers, we are a bonafide Canadian corporation with safeguards in place from the moment goods are manufactured until they arrive at our warehouse in Canada.

We adhere to strict quality guidelines for authenticity of our premium silk products, and to ensure all of our flatware, home goods and foodstuff which are consumed by our customers are safe for consumption and are transported to ensure utmost safety according to stringent Canadian regulations. 

On sustainability, we pick our products with great care to ensure they are indeed reusable using sustainable materials such as wheat straw, bamboo and other eco friendly products.

For apparel we have zero tolerance for child and forced labour and ensure at every step that all of our apparel and home linens are produced in bonafide manufacturing companies adhering to local laws.

For snacks and foods we only work with prime manufacturers using GMP and BRC accredited facilities to ensure the foods are safe from production to packaging. Furthermore, we aim to phase out the use of plastic in our packaging by 2025 and use recycled materials only. We press our suppliers to do the same when exporting to us to ensure an eco friendly supply chain. 

We understand the current market with the norm of fast shipping and lax return policies (which we offer) creates a large carbon footprint and are happy to offer both carbon offsetting (paid towards environmental projects and tree planting) as well as invite our customers to donate products (showing proof of donation) for full refunds as opposed to re-sending products to cut down on the excessive return shipping costs.

This policy helps us work with customers and pay it forward together while maintaining a flexible return and refund policy in line with industry norms. 

We ship and offer our services globally and are excited to note that we have sold across all continents, but we are proud to place great emphasis on re-investing in the domestic Canadian market.

With our goals in cutting down emissions through our donate-to-return policy, using sustainable material and packaging and phasing out use of plastics by 2025 we aim to become more sustainable and work with out customers to jointly help change industry norms and expectations. 

We are nothing without our customers and you can rest assured that we take good care in providing great pricing, sustainable processes and safe payment with some of the fastest shipping in the market to ensure you are happy from the moment of purchase and knowing that the brand you've chosen shares your values and will work around the clock to ensure a great buying experience.