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Our Rare Japanese Tea Collection

We're happy to introduce our new collection of rare Japanese Teas imported by Inter Counsel Commercial Ltd (our Parent Company).

We believe these truly are the some of the most premium green teas in the market and has been met with raving comments from our early customers! 

Who is Ikkyu Japan?

An Introduction by Ikkyu Japan:

"IKKYU green teas are all of impeccable quality, we only focus on premium grade teas. They are picked and processed with the utmost care by our partner producers. who pack them on site before supplying us.

Whether you are looking for delicious teas to drink every day, or some more exceptional and rare brews, IKKYU green teas are just for you.

IKKYU offers you a wide and diverse choice of Japanese Green Teas Many of them are still barely known overseas. 

‍For many of them, it is the first time that they are made available to customers outside Japan.

Ikkyu Japan

Which Teas Are Available on Chideno? 

You can check out our premium rare imported teas using this link. We wanted to let you know about who the Japanese Green Tea producers behind these great products are so we hand picked special reports on a few of the selection:

Chideno Ikkyu Ren High Grade Sencha Green Tea

Rarity: Extremely Rare - First Harvest

From Chiran area, Kagoshima prefecture, the leaves of this high-grade sencha are harvested in April. Four different cultivars are blended for making this sencha: yutaka midori, yabukita, sae midori and asatsuyu, making it the flagship of Shimono-en.

It is therefore truly unique and exceptional, and this shines through its tastes and fragrance that are perfectly well balanced. This sencha is also visually appealing with its beautiful light green color. You will appreciate its freshness and powerful umami, but also its remarkable sweetness. It will give you the same pleasure after a second and even a third brew.


Thanks to its southern location, Chiran enjoys the earliest first tea picking of the country, with delicious “Shincha” (new tea) available already from March.Supported by a clement weather and the proximity of several active volcanoes, the tea grown in this area has a distinctive quality that is celebrated all throughout Japan. Several cultivars that are very sensitive to cold can be grown successfully only in that area. In a general way Chiran Teas tend to be more sweet compared to other regions.

Chideno Ikkyu Toshiro Green Tea - Premium Organic Kamairicha Miayazaki Tea


Facing the Pacific Ocean, Miyazaki prefecture is known of its beautiful pristine beaches and its verdant and luscious mountains. It enjoys a mild climate. While it is not well known outside Japan for its tea, Miyazaki is actually the fourth tea-producing region of Japan. This area produces very high quality tea. It is notably home to the exceptional and rare Kamairi-cha, made using a very special production technique (pan fry).

Toshiro is an organic Kamairicha Green Tea produced by Miyazaki Sabo picked end may during the first harvest from the Miyazaki perfecture.

One of the rarest high-grade green teas produced and imported from Japan is not steamed but fried and is still full of antioxidants and definitely very much a green tea with a certain freshness factor, sweetness and subtle umami (highly balanced).

Caffeine levels of the Toshiro is quite low and hence we recommend it as a late afternoon brew. 

It can be easily brewed, in just one minute, with almost boiling water. It contains average levels of theanine and catechins.

In the mouth, you can enjoy the unmistakable taste of umami but it remains low-key, and the sweetness counterbalances its bitterness.

It is a refreshing green tea, with delicious fresh and slightly roasted fragrance that reminds you of its almost-gone processing method.

We're very impressed with the beautiful washi paper these teas are wrapped in paying homage to the high quality of the teas but also attesting to the great care taken from cultivation to packing.

Whether you are a tea lover or wish to give an exceptional gift, the Ikkyu line will impress! 




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