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Behind the Brand

Shopify App Marketing Agency "Growth Suite" recently conducted a brief interview with our CEO! Check it out here! Interview link provided in the footer.

Can you introduce yourself and

I'm Jason Safinia and I am the Managing Director of Inter Counsel Commercial Ltd which owns the Chideno trademark and My background is in Economics and Operations Research and I've always been passionate about distribution and e-commerce.

I started my career in the world of raw materials trading but finally decided to pursue my dream of owning and operating an online business and haven't looked back since.

How was born? How did you start?

I've been passionate about e-commerce before it became so fashionable! I'm not into fads and instead never looked at it as a side business or a hobby.

I was a consultant in raw materials trading and international marketing but researched trends, branding, marketing and basically all facets of owning and operating a successful online distribution company in my free time.

I am obsessed with coffee and have been since my university years, and so I finally took a leap of faith and started a private label coffee brand sold exclusively online.

Met with relative success, we saw product type is of immense importance but our core competency was our customer service, fast shipping and quality control. We shifted focus on becoming a small department store of sorts and we now carry over 500 products which we sell globally.

What makes different? Can you explain your products with details?

We have deep rooted relationships with our manufacturers and our suppliers (for products we manufacture ourselves). Relationships is the most important part of operating a successful business, this is relationships with your suppliers, manufacturers, logistics operators, but most importantly customers.

We have a survey system in place and we don't look at online trends but rather what our customer's feedback is on products they'd like to see.

We're not in the business of coffee, silk products, flatware, gourmet food and drinks but rather in the business of fast shipping, easy returns and high quality guarantee. We believe this is the secret recipe for sustainability of our business.

It costs next to nothing to start an online business but surviving the ups and downs of the market and ensuring high customer satisfaction is not for the faint hearted and where we see most businesses fail.

What reactions do you get from your clients? Do they love your products?

We sell all kinds of products and on several marketplaces and thankfully we've had overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers on product quality, transit times and our accessibility. We have 24/7 support and our customers get responses to queries on products, order status etc. in the matter of minutes not days like most other retailers.

We have a strict no dropshipping business model because dropshipping, while lucrative and cheap to scale, doesn't ensure fast shipping or product quality and lack of either can destroy the business. We have warehouses in the US and Canada and so we fulfill products we've produced or stocked to ensure greater than average customer service.

We carry only organic snacks, coffee, matcha, tea as well as quality controlled home products like silk bedding, flatware, kitchen accessories and the list goes on. We've been lucky to serve the Canadian and US market and honestly positive reviews provide the greatest satisfaction.

What are the advantages of

Chideno was born out of passion and I intend for it to grow and be passed down and so our core competency has been, is and must be based on the three pillars of fast shipping, quality products and easy returns.

We carry only the best and are always one step ahead of trends and we hope to continue serving our lovely customers in North America and the world over.

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