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Chideno Package Forwarding Service: From US & Canada to the World

Chideno Package Forwarding Service: From US & Canada to the World

Chideno Package Forwarding Service: From US & Canada to the World

We're happy to announce a new package forwarding service to our global customers (outside of Canada and the United States). We aim to leverage our warehouse and logistics program as well as significant volume discounts we receive from carriers such as Fedex, UPS and DHL to offer world class buy-for-me and package forwarding services to our global audience. 

How Does It Work? 

Our global audience from countries such as Turkey, European Union, United Kingdom, Singapore, India (all countries) can now browse any online website (including major marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Best Buy etc.) and copy product/listing links from one or multiple websites and enter directly in our Forwarding landing page (Chideno Package Forwarding). 

A member of our team will respond within 5 hours after calculating: 

Product charges (to be paid to retailers + Service Fee + Consolidated Shipment charge to buyer address from our warehouse 

Once the above has been calculated for the product or multiple website products, an invoice is generated and sent to the customer. This invoice will include a total sum (i.e. after payment no other charges will be made). Upon receipt of payment, all products are purchased by us for you from one or multiple websites and tracking codes sent to buyer. 

Chideno accepts payments via all major credit cards as well as Shop Pay and PayPal. Once one or all products are received by us at our warehouse our team will inspect, repackage and consolidate shipment into one for maximum shipment savings and purchase a DHL or UPS (whichever is more convenient for buyer) and send the tracking code. 

We leverage our volume discounts with DHL and UPS and pass on major shipment savings guaranteeing more efficient and effective shipment than buying from each website individually. Once package has been shipped to your final address, you can sit back, relax and wait for receipt in 3-5 days.

Chideno's package consolidation and forwarding offers the following advantages to buyers:

  • You can buy from any online retailer in US and Canada one or multiple websites 
  • Once we receive all or one order, we will then consolidate and repackage to ensure most efficient and effective packaging
  • We offer 30 days free storage of any order until all parcels arrive for consolidation
  • You can track both incoming shipments (from websites in Canada and US to our warehouse) and international dispatch (to you) in real time
  • You can take advantage of our shipment savings and receive your products in 3-5 days (from when we receive them)
  • We offer returns (to US and Canada), prior to consolidation/repackaging
  • You pay only one invoice for all charges

The Chideno package forwarding service is one of new package of services we offer to customers in Canada and globally. Be sure to check out our private label coffee range perfect for: 

  • Corporate gifts
  • Party Favours
  • School Gifts
  • As part of gift baskets
  • For sale at retail stores and shops

We offer free label design and printing and fast turnaround times! 

For more information about our Coffee Bean Private Label Service and Package Forwarding and Buy for me Services please visit each tab on the website's navigation bar

Thank you for your continued to support! 

Chideno Team

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