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Chideno Product Feature: Our Unique Take on Nespresso Coffee Pods

Chideno Product Feature: Our Unique Take on Nespresso Coffee Pods

The fascinating revolutionalizing Nespresso coffee capsule technology was invented by an employee of the Nestle Group in Lausanne Switzerland. While the first ever Nespresso store was launched in 2000, now 22 years ago the technology and the novel idea was born and patented in 1976. Today Nespresso machines and in turn coffee pods provide the convenience of at home coffee making without giving up on quality. With a simple press of the button, you can enjoy a delicious and rich cup of coffee with absolutely beautiful crema.

Today, there are a wide range of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules on the market here in Canada and the world over. The main brands offered in Canada and the US being Nespresso, Starbucks coffee pods and Lavazza we saw a gap in the market for premium single origin premium coffees. Every type of Nespresso compatible coffee capsules we carry have a unique taste and solve the old problem of Nespresso pod lovers, having the same taste over and over!

We're excited to launch our Single Origin Nespresso compatible pod offerings sourced from the world over. As we focus on premium coffees, we carry unique taste profiles celebrating premium single origin coffee products featuring coffees from Coffee powehouses such as Guatemala, Kenya, Rwanda, Turkey, Colombia, Brazil and so much more! Interested to learn more about a specific product, all images in this post are clickable.

Istanbul Cafer Nespresso Compatible Pods

Introducing one of the newest entrants into the coffee capsule market! No more unknown blends!

The Istanbul Cafer capsule is a rich and robust single origin coffee, masterfully roasted to create a full bodied espresso. Istanbul Cafer uses premium coffee with every batch hand crafted to perfection. Designed to be used in Original Nespresso Machines (not to be used with K-Cup brewers).

Coffee Origins to choose from include:

Guatemala Single Origin, Kenya Single Origin, Rwanda Single Origin, Lungo Special Blend, Espresso Arabica and Robusta Mix, Colombia Single Origin, Brazil Single Origin, Ethiopia Single Origin, Turkish Coffee and more!

Bialetti Italy Nespresso Pods

The Bialetti brand certainly requires no introduction. Made famous by it's unique Moka Pot stovetop percolator, the brand also manufactures premium coffees including Nespresso pods. Each pack contains five packs of Bialetti Roma Medium Roast coffee and five delicate taste Milano coffee to enjoy. 

Jacobs Nespresso Capsules

Jacobs represents Germany's take on the coffee capsule market. State of the art production facilities and aluminum encased coffee capsules and absolutely fantastic stable flavor profiles. Consistent quality and premium capsules all around. 

Nev Nespresso Coffee Capsule

Packed with flavor and beautifully design capsules for the original Nespresso capsule machines. Intense Blend, a taste that doesn't disappoint. You can pamper yourself at any time of the day. A strong and persistent taste and intense aroma to fully satisfy the palate. Be sure to check out all of their offering as they produce intense and subtle roasts and highly premium coffees.

Livy Single Origin Premium Coffee Nespresso Pods 

For the premium coffee lover, Livy produces some of the best single origin coffee capsules from Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and Rwana. Take advantage of great pricing by purchasing the signature range bundle. 

Kaldi Funky Single Origin Coffee Capsule Range

We first fell in love with the packaging and after trying, fell in love with the coffee. Bold and wonderful flavor profiles and a funky packaging makes Kaldi one of our more interesting brands. Features premium Single Origin coffee pods from Kenya, Ethiopia, Colombia, Brazil and Guatemala. This is one of those brands you'll get hooked on! 

Armoni's Large Selection of Coffee Pods

Armoni nespresso coffee pods

Armoni provides a unique range offering both single origin coffees and Lungo/espresso blends. By far the best value for money each bundle contains 12 packs (120 capsules) and they truly manufacture some of the highest quality nespresso compatible pods in the market. 

Bevamio Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods

Bevamio nespresso coffee pods

Absolutely stunning packaging and capsule quality but we're most impressed by the rich and complex flavor profiles. Truly roasted by artisans you'll enjoy these single origin pods and appreciate the work behind crafting these espresso blends.

L'Or Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsules

Definitely needing no introduction, L'Or coffee capsules are France's most popular take on Nespresso capsules, L'Or produces absolutely beautiful coffee blends. It's simply one of those brands you'll keep coming after because of the flavor profiles and consistency. Definitely on our top 5 and highly recommended by our team. We offer the full range which introduces both complex and subtle flavor profiles we know you'll enjoy. Click on the image for more information on the specific roasts and taste profiles.

We're adding new brands daily and are proud to offer one of the most unique range of Nespresso compatible coffee pods on the market. Don't see what you like? Send us a message and we promise to carry it in 2 business days or less! 



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