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  • japanese-green-tea-ikkyu
    ottobre 20, 2020

    Our Rare Japanese Tea Collection

    We're very impressed with the beautiful washi paper these teas are wrapped in paying homage to the high quality of the teas but also attesting to the great care taken from cultivation to packing.

    Whether you are a tea lover or wish to give an exceptional gift, the Ikkyu line will impress! 

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  • Matcha Green Tea Powder - Where Chideno Organic Matcha Comes In - Chideno Canada
    giugno 8, 2020

    Matcha Green Tea Powder - Where Chideno Organic Matcha Comes In

    The Chideno matcha is a certified Organic Matcha, cultivated, processed and packaged in Japan in Uji and is some of the highest quality in the market. It took us some time to be able to find the perfect product we trusted our brand name on.

    Our Premium Organic matcha comes in 30 Grams tin cans with an easy open seal, and is of the highest Grade A standard.

    Matcha is a form of green tea, which has been consumed by the Japanese for millenia, due to its role as a superfood, its exceptional health benefits and its taste. Today, Matcha enjoys global prominence and has become a staple in much of the developed world. Canada & the US and its relationship with this superfood haven't been immune.

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  • | Launch | Questions We've Received | From Coffee to Lifestyles | - Chideno Canada
    aprile 7, 2020 | Launch | Questions We've Received | From Coffee to Lifestyles |

    The intention of our articles and news which will be published from time to time on our website is two fold. Our team believes in the effects of knowledge spillovers and benefits it can have for industries and individuals, and for the sake of transparency it helps us connect with you which will help pass on better products, at the right time, at the right place and at the right price to you.

    We have a long road ahead of us, but we have resolve and we know you'll love our transparency, our quality products and more importantly the close relationship we will seek to build with you. You are the centre piece of our organization and we will strive to be better in every way, every day. Thank you for your time and until we meet again on the next contribution by one of our staff members. 

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