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Brand Feature: Moliendo Pre-Filled Single Origin Coffee Drip Bag

Brand Feature: Moliendo Pre-Filled Single Origin Coffee Drip Bag

Discovering the world, one coffee sip at a time. Coffee bean and ground coffee consumption growth has been exponential, especially in the past 20 years!

The journey from farm to cup is a long and arduous one, and in fact one we take for granted when we're making that drip bag, Chemex or french press cup of coffee.

From the moment it is farmed in beautiful countries such as Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam and until the moment it hits your cup the journey takes leaves its mark on the aroma and taste profile of the coffee. 

Climatic conditions, altitude, soil quality are of course the most important determinants of quality and it is because of hard working farmers, logisticians, traders and roasteries that these conditions come together in just the perfect way for a fresh and delicious cup of joe.

This is not an easy feat, considering storage conditions, customs regulations and so on. The art of consistent coffee is indeed the coordination behind the scenes throughout these processes. 

Chideno's coffee departments worked with manufacturers and roasteries in South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, Canada to name a few and we're happy to have began our partnership with Moliendo (meaning ground in Spanish) which we believe have mastered this coordination in delivering fine single origin coffee in the novel drip bag (ear hang mug) coffee Making mechanism.

While the drip bag coffees we have (we also have empty drip bags on offer) are all single origin from Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya and Colombio, Moliendo as a brand works with more than 70 qualified farms in more than 20 countries. 

First we delve into the unique way coffee and tea drip bags can be used to brew high quality pour over coffee and look at the taste and roast profiles of each single origin coffee. 

ee brewing method.


Drip Bag Pour Over Coffee 

The Chideno Pachit coffee drip bag filter and all Moliendo coffees being packed in Japanese drip bags is a novel one time use coffee dripping innovation from Japan.

These paper single use coffee makers are made of high quality cellulose. With the superior weaving and the production facility's sole focus on production of coffee filters, the Drip bag coffee dripper is the best in class product for home drip coffee or on the go.

Who says you can't have cake and eat it to? Some of our team members at Chideno love camping and outdoor activities but despise instant coffee and Starbucks and would rather grind their own organic coffee beans and the drip bag coffee method allows you to enjoy premium pour over coffee in an instant!

Moliendo drip bag coffee also uses the same methodology and so the following brewing method applies to both empty drip bags and to Moliendo's pre-filled drip bag coffees. You can put a sachet (or 2) in your back pack and all you need is some hot water and a mug! 

Drip Bag Pour Over Coffee Instructions

1. Open drip bag and use side handles to place over desired mug or coffee server/decanter

2. Pour desired amount of ground (coarse) coffee (amount of ground coffee depends on your unique drip coffee recipe or preference) , use 8-12 grams to start.

2. Bring water to a boil and place thermometer (to ensure water is at 80 Degrees Celsius for best results

3. Add water in a circular fashion seeing water rise to around 85% of the drip bag and wait to settle

4. Continue pouring until desired coffee strength/container size reached

5. Discard of used drip bags

Check out this fantastic video from Yamanaka Industry Co., Ltd. (warning: comes with rather peaceful music)

Moliendo Coffee Origin Profiles

Brazil Single Origin Drip Bag Coffee Sachet


Link: Brazil Drip Bag Coffee

Bean Type: Arabica (Yellow Bourbon)
Harvest Time: August - September
Processing: Natural
Tasting Notes: Almond milk, wet walnuts, milk chocolate, caramel
Aroma (Smell): Almond, Almond Milk, Milk Chocolate, caramel
Body: Mid-High
Drink: Soft and silky first sip, full and lasting finish, bodied

Guatemala Single Origin Drip Bag Coffee Sachet


Link: Guatemala Drip Bag Coffee

Bean Type: Arabica (Bourbon, Caturra, Pache)
Tasting Notes: Sweet Chocolate
Aroma (Smell): Chocolate
Body: High
Growing Altitude: 1350m and above
Harvest Period: December-March
Processing process: Washed, sun-dried
Acidity: Medium

Kenya Single Origin Drip Bag Coffee Sachet


Link: Kenya Drip Bag Coffee
Core Type: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
Tasting Notes: Toffee, lemon, almond,
Aroma (Smell): Toffee, lemon, almond
Body: Medium
Growing Altitude: 1400m
Harvest Period: November - December
Processing process: Washed
Acidity: Medium
Drink: Soft and silky first sip, full and lasting finish, bodied

Colombia Single Origin Drip Bag Coffee Sachet


Link: Colombia Drip Bag Coffee
Bean Type: Arabica (Caturra, Colombia, Castillo)
Tasting Notes: Sweet Chocolate, Hazelnut
Aroma (Smell): Chocolate
Body: Mid-High
Growing Altitude: 1200-1500 m
Harvest Period: December-January
Processing process: Washed, mechanically dried
Acidity: Low
Drink: Soft and silky first sip, full and lasting finish, bodied

Chideno's Final Take: 

Moliendo's coffee is great quality and you will taste the difference between the ground coffees from Brazil, Kenya, Guatemala and Colombia! We also understand some of our customers love to buy their coffee as whole bean and grind to perfection at home!

For this we invite you to check out the Chideno empty drip bag coffee makers (we have one for loose leaf tea too!). This way you can enjoy a fantastic pour over (similar to V60) coffee with the coffee bean you've picked out yourself. For thos on the go moments however, we suggest you try the Moliendo drip coffee bags.

Check out our instagram for more information and if you have any questions regarding this or any other product or our shipping and return policies you can contact us through the chat function on chideno.ca or through email 24/7. 

Chideno Team

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