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Free Shipping on Orders 50 CAD+, Seamless Returns & New Items Everyday!
Free Shipping in US & Canada on Orders over 50 CAD

No Sign Up Required

Simply copy URL addresses of products you wish to buy from Canada & US.

Quick Free Quote

We reply within 1 hour with a quote and payable invoice and transit times via DHL

Pay & Receive

Once you make payment, we receive goods, repackage and dispatch all products in a single package with 3-5 business day delivery

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Single Invoice Discounted Shipping 3-5 Days Delivery Single Package Quality Check

Package Forwarding Service


Frequently Asked Questions

What Benefits Does Your Buy For Me Service Offer?

  • With Offices in Canada and US, you can enjoy free or discounted shipping from US and Canadian online shops to our warehouses
  • As we are in Canada and US you only face currency conversion once through payment of a single invoice
  • We offer free consolidation and repackaging services so you can order from multiple websites and we will handle all the steps from purchasing products, repackaging and dispatch
  • Instead of paying shipping on each parcel to your destination you only pay a single invoice and use our consolidation services for free to send through our partners at a discounted rate (up to 80%) 
  • Free storage for 30 days
  • Free product photos
  • Free packaging

Where Can I Buy From and How Do I Checkout Products

The Chideno Package Forwarding Service is for international customers who wish to purchase from any online shop including large marketplaces. You can purchase from one or multiple online shops and marketplaces and have it sent to our warehouse for repackaging and consolidated shipping to your address anywhere in the world with discounted shipping rates with DHL and UPS. 

You simply send us the links to products you wish to purchase from one or multiple websites and we will send you an invoice for the product cost, service fee and shipping to your address. Once an invoice has been paid, there will be no further charge. If you are purchasing from multiple websites with different transit times we offer free 30 day storage and free repackaging to send all shipments together for maximum shipping savings. 

Simply browse any website in Canada & US, copy links to products you wish to purchase and our team will send you an invoice including shipping to your address within 5 hours. Once goods have been received by us, we will send with UPS and DHL for 3-5 business delivery anywhere in the world. Wish us to inspect products? We offer package opening and pictures prior dispatch and 30 day return (prior dispatch to you from our warehouse).

How Can I Make Payment & Do You Have a Return Policy?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal for payment. Once invoice has been paid (sent to your email), tracking numbers for all shipments to our warehouse is sent to you and upon receipt international tracking to your address will be sent and you will receive your products within 3-5 business days. 

We can inspect, repackage and return products with free storage within 30 days. Should you wish to return a product, you can do so until the point it leaves our warehouse to your address. 

What Websites Can I Purchase From?

You can purchase from one or multiple websites in Canada & US. These can include specific brands for clothing, food and beverages, gifts etc. Our customers also purchase from websites such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Best Buy to be able to get better shipping rates and consolidate shipments and receive everything at once.

In effect, we offer you a Canadian / US website so you can benefit for better product pricing, but more importantly receiving all products with one shipping price and at the same time.