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Chideno Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap Hair Care

Chideno Pure Mulberry Silk Sleep Cap Hair Care

Silk Sleep Cap

If you're reading this article on the benefits of a silk cap, you've done quite a lot of research already! It is well known that if we suffer and are prone to split ends, using a silk hair bonnet can have great benefits.

The reasoning is simple, the silk cap minimizes the friction you normally would have between the hair and the pillow preventing hair breakage and split end development. For those of us with longer hair, it is a perfect way to work around tangles.

Use of bonnets or sleep caps originate in cold climates. Somewhat similar to beanies, it was worn by women and men much like a winter beanie to in the Northern European cold climate. 

Interestingly, you could often judge quite a lot about social standing from the sleeping cap material. The wealthy wore hair wrap bonnets made of silk and often with embroidery. Silk sleep caps help cool in warmer temperatures and keep warm in colder weather and are quite versatile.

With most households having heating, the use of sleep caps has completely changed and is predominantly only worn by women and solely for hair protection and style maintenance. 

While we don't wear them for warmth and they're not necessarily stylish, it does improve sleep quality and keeping hair silky. For those of us with curly hair, it does wonders for preservation of volume and faster morning routines. 

We spend quite a lot of money on styling our hair and sleeping caps, especially for weaves are fantastic for maintaining a hair style longer regardless of how you sleep. 

Silk bonnets are not only decorative but the design allows the forehead to refresh and ensure you maintain hair style and volume and protect the root.

Silk sleep caps should not be worn on wet hair, ensure you dry your head prior use. Silk Sleep Caps Help Regulate Your Body Temperature. Perhaps you may not have realized but lots of warmth is lost through our head.

Sleeping caps allow you to stay warm all night. Silk sleep caps are better over satin and synthetic fibres because the fabric actually helps body temperature to regulate.

What's More Mulberry sleep caps prevent scalp irritation, adding an extra layer of soft and silk between your scalp and the pillow. 

Silk sleep caps minimize friction and hence protecting hairstyles. Furthermore, if you have had split ends, silk caps during sleep helps once again minimizing that chance of hair break and split ends through the touch between your help and pillow.

It has also be shown that if you are attempting for hair growth but have been facing some difficulty, breakage can be reduced as chances are the hair is breaking while we sleep.

Finally, with age, hair becomes significantly dryer because of gradual moisture loss. A fantastic method to retain that moisture is the use of silk sleep bonnet.

Silk Heatless Curling Ribbon

Go natural and become eco friendly for hair care! Hey it even helps with your hair health. Introducing the new Chideno 100% Pure 22 Momme Mulberry padded curling ribbon.

The Chideno Curling ribbon measures at 80 Cm Long and and has a 12 cm circumference. Silk fiber has a similar structure to our hair containing proteins and amino acids and its natural attributes will help maintain moisture to avoid hair breakage, oh and by the way it's padded and stitching is from inside!


1. Dry hair
2. Brush hair thoroughly
3. Part your hair down the iddle
4. Staring on a side, take a small section of your hair and carefully wrap it around the curling ribbon
5. Repeat step 4 moving down the ribbon and wrapping until you reach the end of the ribbon
6. Tie ends with a scrunchie or elastic
7. Repeat for the second side of your hair

Beautiful instruction videos on youtube to match for your hair length!


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